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Love 3-D animation, even if it's from around the world!

My name is Daniel Lizcano, but my pen name is Alex Wong. Cubix is one of my favorite animated shows. It's one of the reasons why I love 3D art and animation. Someday, I might make a live-action movie version of the show. Currently, I am focusing on painting, drawing and web design. I like the imagery from this South Korean animated show but haven't used it directly in my own work yet. Mainly, I have drawn inspiration from the show's design and color palette. Here's a link to Cubix's Wikipedia page for more detailed infomation about the show: Cubix.

I love the way Cubix is animated as much as the characters and their development throughout the series. Unfortunately, there were only two seasons to air. The series began in August 2001 and ended in April 2003.

The images above are character shots from other animated series I drawn inspiration from, such as: